Morning Feathers is Live!

finally.  We’re done. Morning Feathers Bird Association ( is a no-anger zone where we (Jun & Pate) will be releasing new comics and oddities every Monday. It is really nice to have completed this passion project — especially since we have been working on it since January! I thought I’d take some time to describe how it all went down, in case anyone cared (if you care, I’m single… just saying… I also enjoy friendship)

The work on this site probably began almost a year ago. While we were working on, we hit a literary wall of sorts and began to play around with comics. We had been doing a ton of writing and it was fun just to do something more visual. We started using MS PowerPoint (of all things) to create these, hehe.

Over the next couple months, we got very side tracked from the concept of “doing webcomics” and we began to focus on finishing SeaDope. Around thanksgiving, we finished SeaDope, and also competed in a game competition called Ludum Dare (which is actually something we are hoping to do on a more regular basis). These are 48 hours contests. You must create a game in 48 hours. In the competition, we created a game called “Now There’s Blood on Your Hands“, and shortly after that, Christmas rolled around, and we used a similar game design pattern to make a “Christmas Dad Simulator“. This game engine is essentially what drives the morning feathers ADVENTURE mode – which is something we thought would be really unique to include on a comics website (Pate: “I think it would be really cool to have an adventure begin if you click on those aviary doors.”). We always focus on depth & exploration, and the adventure mode is a good example of such a rat-hole (SPOILER: literally). So far, only a handful have discovered the adventure, and an even smaller few have succeeded in beating it.

ya. ya. ya. In January, we got a bunch of free time, and we began to build the site. I spent most of January coding the site, and doing the graphics for the UI. Then the two of us spent the next few months entirely within MS PowerPoint. We took several breaks to play Age of Mythology, a lesser known release within Microsoft’s Age of Empires series, and something that is highly underrated by adults.

Sometime in April, we took a big break from morning feathers, and competed in Ludum Dare again. In roughly 1 hour, Pate came up with a wonderful story about a balding father who transforms into an actual Hippo. lol. I assume it must have taken longer to flush out, but this still impresses me. Anyway, much of what we did in the competition, we rolled into features of the morning feathers ADVENTURE mode.

Then we just spent a few months finishing everything — polishing, revising, second guessing, & creating all the bells & whistles of a real comics site: this took forever. These days are primarily a blur, but we also did about 40% of the work during this time. Then suddenly it was September 3rd, and we were promoting a shiny new website.

Note: During this time, I sent Peter roughly 7500 emails in about 250 unique email chains, but only saw him about 2 times per week. Idk what this means.

As for the future… well… we are probably going to make a game of some kind. I really like the ideas behind Sumo, Surfing, Luge, and Golf. And if we can tie in Wolves & squid, that would be great. Anyway, expect another post in many moons when this web sport is complete, and for now, check out our site on mondays, we will try very hard not to disappoint!

A Picture of the Site:crcfknawyaabb5z-1

Our Promotional Poster:14231191_10154291839471041_6591525671889256253_o