Fantasy Football… What determines one’s record?

I decided to do a little analysis…

Turns out, the average number of points against your team (something entirely out of your control) is about twice as important as the average number of points for your team. (The slope of the lines shows this). Drew’s PF dot is noted. Despite having a huge number of points for, he is still tied (record-wise) with 2 other teams.

Point is, stop trying to make your team better – try to sabotage your weekly opponent.


Satellite Anastasiya – Will it Surge Again?

I started working on one of my video games again. I’ve completed 2 of 8 acts. I feel empowerd’. I might just finish this thing. I started this project over 2 years ago. I also forgot about it for several gigantic periods of time. But I am working on it again. I hope my fan base still exists. I have made them wait too long.

These pictures shall rise once again.